Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām): The First Prophet [Simplified for Ages 6+]

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The Story of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām)

Today you will learn about the life of one of the best people that ever lived. This was a man sent by Allāh. You will learn why they were sent and what lessons we can learn from their lives. They were known as the Prophets of Allāh.

Before Everything Was Created

Before everything was created, there was no one besides Allāh. There were no skies.  No sun. No moon. No water. No trees. There was nothing. Then Allāh created everything. Allāh is very powerful and He can create anything he wants. All He has to say is, “Be.” And just like that, that thing will be made.

Allah created the whole world and everything inside it. Allah made the mountains and the seas. He made all the animals. He made the heavens and the stars. He made the sun and the moon.

Allah made the angels. The angels are like Allah’s servants and they do everything He says. All angels are good and they listen to everything Allāh tells them.

Allāh also created Jinns. Jinns are both good and bad. There was one Jinn who worshipped Allāh so much that Allāh let him be from amongst the Angels.

The First Man

Then Allah decided to create the first human being. He called this first man Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām). Allah taught him many things so that he could have more knowledge than the angels.

Allāh then created a wife for Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām). Her name was Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā). But she was not a Prophet like Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām).

All they wanted to do was to make Allāh happy. To do everything that Allāh likes.

Bowing in Front of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām)

Allāh told all the angels to bow in front of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām). We are not allowed to bow to anyone except Allāh. The reason why the angels bowed to Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) was because Allāh told them to.

All the angels listened to Allāh and bowed to Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām).

Shaytan did not listen to Allāh and did not bow to Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām). He said, “I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay.”

Shaytan did not think that it was Allah who told him to bow. He should have listened to Allah without thinking. Allāh became angry with Shaytan and took him out of Jannah.

Shaytan asked Allāh if he could have a very long life. Even though Allāh was angry with him, Allah gave him a very long life.

We can see how kind and good Allah is. We should ask Allāh for anything we want. If Allāh gave Shaytan what he wanted even though Allāh was angry with him, will Allāh not give us what we want? Of course He will!

Shaytan’s Promise

After Allah became angry with Shaytan and took him out of Jannah, Shaytan made a promise that he will always try to make human beings do bad things. He said that he will live his whole life just trying to make humans make Allah unhappy.

We must always remember that Shaytan does not like us and he is our biggest enemy.

Jannah (Paradise)

Allāh made a beautiful place for Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) to live. This place was called Jannah. Jannah was the best place to live. You can have anything and everything you want in Jannah. If you believe in Allāh and do what He says, then Allāh will also let you go in Jannah.

After we die, all the good people will go Jannah and all the bad people will go Jahannam. Jahannam is a very scary place. It is made of fire. It has snakes and other scary things. If we do bad things and not listen to Allah, we will have to go to Jahannam.

We should always ask Allah and make dua to Him that He lets us go in Jannah and saves us from Jahannam.

Shaytan Becomes Jealous

Shaytan became jealous of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām). He thought that it was because of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) that Allāh became angry with him. He forgot that it was his fault for not listening to what Allāh told him. So Shaytan tried his best to take revenge.

We learn that we should never be jealous of other people. Allāh does not like people who become jealous of others. We should always be happy with what Allāh has given us. You should always think that whatever someone else has, Allah has given it to them. Because Allah has given it to them, how can we become jealous of them?

Living in Jannah

Allāh told Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) that they could live happily in Jannah and eat whatever they want except the fruits of one tree. Allāh wanted to test both of them to see if they would listen to Him. For a long time Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) listened to Allāh.

Shaytan’s Trick

Shaytan thought of a plan to trick Adam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) from eating from this tree.

He disguised himself and acted like a very good friend. He told them he was their friend and told them to eat from the tree. He told them a lie. He said that if they are from the tree, they would never die. But it was a lie.

Because they thought he was a friend, they ate from the tree.

Allah said to them: “Did I not tell you to not eat from that tree? And did I not tell you that Shaytan was your enemy?”

Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) realised that they made a mistake. They were very sad and sorry. They said to Allah, “We have done something wrong. If you do not forgive us and have mercy on us, then we will be from the losers.”

Just like Shaytan tricked Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) into doing something wrong, Shaytan will also try to trick us into doing wrong things. We must always remember that Shaytan is our enemy.

Going to Earth

Allah forgave both of them. Even though Allāh became happy with them again, he took them out of Jannah. He sent them both to the Earth.

The Earth was not like Jannah. To live on Earth was harder than Jannah. In Jannah, you could have whatever you want very easily. But on Earth it was very hard.

Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) Becomes a Prophet

Allāh then told Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) that he was a Prophet. Prophets teach people good things and tell them to stay away from bad things. This was now Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām)’s job on Earth. This was the job of every Prophet.

Lessons From the Story of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa

We must remember some very important lessons from the story of Ādam (ʿalayhi s-salām) and Hawwa (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā):

We must remember that Shaytan does not like us and he is our enemy.

We must remember that Shaytan tries his best to make us do things which makes Allāh unhappy.

We must remember never to become jealous of anyone. We must always be happy with what Allāh has given us.

We must remember how kind and good Allāh is. If we asking Allah for something, he will give it to us. Even though Shaytan did not listen to Allāh, Allah still listened to him and gave him a very long life.

We must remember that if we ever make a mistake, we should always ask Allāh to forgive us. Allāh loves to forgive people.

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