Teaching After Wife’s Burial

Shaykh-ul-Islam Mawlānā Ḥusain Aḥmad Madanī would always ensure that he never misses a single lesson of teaching. Mawlānā Hakim Diya-ud-Din relates that when the wife of Shaykh-ul-Islam passed away, all his associates and students gathered at his residence. After a short while, he began to make his way towards the hadith lecture hall. This caused a bit of a stir in those present. They all implored him to postpone the class as the grief of his wife’s departure was still very recent. However, Shaykh-ul-Islam was adamant and initiated the lesson on hadith. The principal, ʿAllāmah Shabbīr Aḥmad ʿUthmānī approached him and tried to convince him once again to reschedule the lesson. Yet, the answer he received was, “Where else will I find contentment of the heart other than the remembrance of Allah?”

(Sawāniḥ-i Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Ḥusain Aḥmad Madanī: 87)

Categories: Memorable Episodes from the Lives of the ʿUlamā of Deoband

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